Pour information: Circus Arts Research Platform

Je recopie, à l’invite de son auteur, un courriel qui m’est parvenu:

CARP – A collaborative website project 

Dear Circus Researcher,

At the Münster international conference last June 2017, during the UpSideDown Circus and Space conference, we – Centre national des arts du cirque (FR), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Circuscentrum (BE) and Centre for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer at the National Circus School (CA) – presented the Circus Arts Research Platform (CARP) : a collaborative website project between circus arts documentary centres and researchers.

To begin, we would like to know whether you are willing to share your research interests, to put the circus arts researcher’s network in place.

If you would like to join this unique platform for circus researchers, please fill out the online CARP Questionnaire and send it before the 31st of October 2017.

Here is a short outline of the project :

The Circus Arts Research Platform (CARP) project is meant to provide assistance to scholars around the world. It’s a collaborative project between circus arts documentary centres and researchers.

The CARP project is designed as a resource platform for scholars, students, and professionals interested in circus arts studies. It also mediates information regarding academic circus arts research for anyone interested.

The CARP platform will provide:

● A directory of scholars (Masters, PhD and post-doctoral students, professors etc.) from various fields—the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and technology, to name just a few—who share an interest in circus arts research.

● An international bibliography of academic publications and articles specifically related to the circus arts.

● Information on conferences and open CFPs (calls for papers).

● Information on the most important resource centres and libraries with circus arts related collections.

● Links to useful academic blogs and web documentaries.

CARP pursues several objectives:

● to connect researchers around the world.

● to stimulate and strengthen collaborations between scholars interested in circus arts studies regardless of their specific fields or academic affiliations.

● to compile an international, accessible bibliography of academic publications related to circus arts studies.

● to list the universities and research institutions with circus-related research programs, research chairs in the circus arts, libraries and resource centres with significant collections, institutions offering residencies to scholars with an interest in circus arts studies, as well as relevant museum collections.

● to list circus arts related research activities (programs, conferences, etc…).

● to share the most recent developments in circus arts research.

As you can see, we will need your collaboration. If you would like to participate or contribute in one way or another to this project, please let us know!

Please feel free to share this invitation and the online CARP Questionnaire with your students and colleagues who would benefit from this international circus arts researcher network.

We intend to launch the CARP website by the end of 2018.

Thank you for your time and and your interest! Here`s to future collaborations in circus arts research!

The CARP Team

Jeanne Vasseur and Cyril Thomas – Centre national des arts du cirque (France)

Anna-Karyna Barlati – Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer at the National Circus School (Canada)

Mui-Ling Verbist – Circuscentrum (Belgium)

Johanna Mäkelä – CircusInfo Finland

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