Glane bibliographique: Von Fliegenden Menschen und tanzenden Pferden

Je recopie le petit compte-rendu ci-dessous depuis la Newsletter 3 (Novembre 2015) de la Fédération Mondiale du Cirque:

Review: Gisela Winkler “Von Fliegenden Menschen und tanzenden Pferden
Under the title “Von fliegenden Menschen und tanzenden Pferden” the German circus historian Gisela Winkler has published a comprehensive work about the history of the circus and of the acrobatic arts.
Volume 1 deals with the history of acrobatics from the Ancient World via the birth of the European circus in the 18th century up to the present times. A special focus is on the history of the German circus dynasties and their circus companies, but the current situation of the circus arts in many different countries is also described. Volume 2 focuses on the artistic genres which have always fascinated the audiences by their creativity. Excellent performers of individual genres are highlighted. Both volumes are illustrated with many photos and historical posters – furthermore there is a list of contact data of circus companies, circus schools and associations all over the world.
It is nothing less than the „World History of the Circus“, a standard work to look things up, to be astonished and to go down memory lane … for all those who love the circus.
Gisela Winkler, ‘Von fliegenden Menschen un tanzenden Pferden’
ISBN 978-3-935194-70-9, 58,00 Euro Order:

Review by Sebastian Huechtebrock

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