Lien du jour: Re-Envisioning Japan

Je recopie un extrait de la lettre électronique H-Japan:

Introducing “Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in Visual and Material Culture” (a Digital Humanities project)
by Joanne Bernardi

Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to introduce Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th Century Visual and Material Culture at

This open-access critical archive is a multimedia project using travel, education, and the production and exchange of images and objects as a lens to investigate changing representations of Japan and its place in the world in the first half of the 20th century. Re-Envisioning Japan makes available a wide range of ephemeral objects (e.g., films, postcards,
brochures, photographs, stereographs, and guide books); please see the menu tabs under ‘Research” for more detailed background and other information. The site is also a versatile pedagogical tool. As author and editor, I’ve been using it in the curriculum of “Tourist Japan,” a course in which tourism and tourist culture is used to illuminate the relationship between modernization processes and identity formation. Using Re-envisioning Japan, students build their own exhibits linking cultural objects generated by tourism and education with evolving concepts of nationalism and cultural identity.

Re-Envisioning Japan is inherently ongoing: I work continuously on adding metadata and contextualization. The addition of a 16mm Timeline (See “Moving Images”) is the most recent development. I am currently working on descriptions for each film and fair use excerpts of titles with complex copyright issues; some titles not yet uploaded await copyright permission. Similar Timelines for 8mm film formats are planned for the end of January. In 2015 we’ll be migrating the entire site to an Omeka platform in order to make it even more interactive. In the meantime, if you have any information about any of the objects that you would like to share with others, please contact me at Feedback and suggestions are also most welcome.

Best wishes for the new year.

Joanne Bernardi

Associate Professor

Japanese Studies and Film and Media Studies

Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

University of Rochester

PO Box 270082

Rochester NY 14627

Tel. (585) 275-4251

Pour les acrobates, on trouve le petit film les Kiriki, et ce chromos:

(Source pour toutes les images ci-dessous: Bernardi, Joanne. Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in Visual and Material Culture. Rochester, N.Y.: University of Rochester Digital Humanities Center, 2013. River Campus Libraries.  [21/12/2014].)

“This is one of a series of Fifty (50) Cards giving a Pictorial History of the Sports and Pastimes of all Nations.” Published by Arbuckle Bros., New York, 1893. [1040]

La recherche “Juggler” donne ceci:

“One of 50 views from a trip around the world.” Pictures of A Japanese Beauty, Buddha, Hotel Gan Kiro, A Japanese Juggler. Copyrighted 1891. Lithographer: Joseph P. Knapp, 5×3″. [1035]

Enfin, la recherche “Magician” donne cette image:

The magician Shōkyokusai Tenkatsu (1886-1944)

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