Liens du mois (novembre 2019)

The CIT brings together sinology, art history and information studies to create the first thesaurus of Chinese iconography.
Traditionally considered a methodology rooted in European art history, iconography has been historically employed to index and access images related to Euro-American art. Because of the lack of alternative models for documenting non-western artefacts, Chinese art objects housed in European and North American collections have often been catalogued according to Eurocentric classifications. The CIT presents a unique opportunity to create an alternative classification scheme rooted in the specificity of Chinese visual culture and foster systematic comparison between Chinese and European art.

Par exemple, la recherche “acrobatics” donne les résultats suivant: 
performer (acrobatics) 
animal tamer 
equestrian performance 
running a peep show 
dog pounding grains 
peep show box
Si l’on clique sur le premier de ces termes, on obtient les informations suivantes:

Term 藝人 (雜技)

yi ren (za ji)

performer (acrobatics)

Use for

艺人 (杂技)



Le site permet déjà de retrouver quelques images associées aux termes de recherche, dans les collections de trois musées différents: le Victoria and Albert Museum, leMetropolitan Museum of Art et le National Palace Museum. Cette fonction va se développer, nous dit-on:

CIT aims to create an indexing standard that will facilitate access and inter-operability of Chinese digital images across collections.

Un bateleur, peinture chinoise, Victoria and Albert Museum · 137,